Waterloo bar Spicoli’s gets shout-out on Colbert’s ‘The Late Show’

WATERLOO — A local live music venue got some free, nationallytelevised promotion — albeit tongue-in-cheek — on Wednesday night.

Spicoli’s Rockade on University Avenue in Waterloo was named-dropped a few times as part of “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert’s monologue Wednesday night.

Colbert was equating the band Flaw’s request for money to fund their new touring vehicle on Go Fund Me in order to get to their Spicoli’s show on Tuesday, April 3, with supporters of President Donald Trump, suggesting the idea of using a Go Fund Me to pay for Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border.

So in this scenario, Donald Trump is the band Flaw, and the wall is Flaw’s new van,” Colbert said. “Flaw needs a new van to make it to their upcoming concert at Spicoli’s in Waterloo, Iowa. And Donald Trump needs his new wall to stop Mexicans from all rushing into America, I assume to catch Flaw at Spicoli’s in Waterloo, Iowa.”

Colbert then told another joke about Flaw before mentioning Flaw’s upcoming show at Spicoli’s again, this time with the venue’s full address.

Spicoli’s posted Thursday morning on its Facebook page the video, along with the comment: “Spicoli’s made it on the Stephen Colbert Show!!!”

Owner Cody Winther said he and his co-owner Rob Dunn knew nothing about the episode until friends began “blowing up” his cellphone and Facebook with the news.

“We have no idea why he chose that band or that show or that venue on that particular skit that he did, but we’ll take it,” Winther said, laughing.

Winther also said he talked with members from the Kentucky-based band Flaw on Thursday morning and they knew nothing about how or why their Go Fund Me page appeared on the show, saying they had no ties to the Colbert show.

But they did say their page, which was created in May 2017, has gotten the “Colbert bump” and is up to $12,215 of their $15,000 goal as of Thursday evening.

To return the favor, Spicoli’s is offering Colbert VIP tickets to Tuesday’s show.


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