Snapchat fired 120 Engineers

The company Snap has confirmed issuing the pink slip to 120 of its engineers. The message has been conveyed to Snap’s employees through an email that the company’s engineering chief wrote to his ‘team’ that has come to light.

The ‘downsizing’ of the workforce at Snap is that the company has a solid 3000-strong manpower strength and the figure of 120 represents just around 10% of the engineering team.

Jerry Hunter, Snap’s Chief of Engineering said in the mail “Having high-performing excellent and appropriately aligned teams will be critical to building both a compelling product and a compelling culture for engineers. We want to unleash speed and productivity in our organization, while keeping a high technical bar. That required us to think carefully about the shape of the organization, and where each member of our team fits As part of this, we have made the exceptionally difficult decision to exit just over 120 members of our team from the company” .

Snapchat started losing customers to Instagram over the past few weeks and months. If the issue with its services has to do with the engineering and the efficiency of its codes, which immediately reflects on the technical expertise of the engineering team.

The other factor is that Snap had moved away from its core areas and started projects for hardware making, including for designing and making drones. It is quite possible a large part of the technical personnel from such projects form these 120 engineers now shown the door.

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