New craze on the internet : The Condom Challenge

You must have heard about the weird and crazy challenges that rule the internet from time to time . Here is another craziest challenge which has given a reason to gossip for some time now .

What really is condom challenge ?

The Condom Challenge requires you to  inhale a condom up your nostril, and then pull it through your throat and out your mouth. The attempt, of course, would be recorded on video, to show the world through social media.

The videos showing teens attempting the Condom Challenge are cringe worthy. If you still want to watch one, a simple search on YouTube will give you lots of options to choose from, but you have been warned.

This latest challenge is sweeping through teens on social media, and unfortunately, it is not an April Fool joke.

Similarity with AYURVEDA

While it is not new in its kind .We have already heard about such things in Ayurveda where some people practice inserting a thin tube like thing / thread from their nose and taking it out from mouth . But doing the same thing with weird thing like condom, has really raised a few eyebrows .

In Ayurveda it is popularly known as Sutra Neti . Sutra Neti is a Hatha yoga technique to clean your nasal cavity. Sutra Neti is one of the six methods of purification or Shatkarma as given in the yogic text Hatha Yoga Pradeepika. There are various types of Neti practiced by Yogis including Jala Neti (with water), Dughda Neti (with Milk), Sutra Neti (with cotton string), etc. In Sutra Neti, a waxed cotton string is traditionally used to clean the nasal cavity.

In Sutra Neti, the waxed cotton string is inserted into the nose and then pulled out from the mouth. Then both ends are held with the hands and nasal cleaning is done by to and fro motion of the strings. Nowadays, a rubber catheter is used instead of the string as it is easily available in any medical store.

The Dangers of the Condom Challenge

Let’s have  a look at some of the dangers associated with it .

Snorting condoms through the nose and out the mouth risks damaging the sensitive inner lining of the nose, and opens up possibilities of allergic reactions and infections. There is also the very real danger of having the condom get stuck in your nose or throat.

Based on researches, The only thing that people should inhale up their nose is air . While we would not like to comment anything on the ayurveda practice of a similar type .It is upto the users to do a proper research and find out for themselves .

But certainly ,objects made up of latex rubber and coated with spermicide and lubricant are not on that list .

The Question 

But the question still remains the same , is taking all the risk associated with this challenge worth a few share and likes ? What crazy thing will top next in the list ? Is the name and fame on social media so important that people don’t even care about the potential dangers  ? What are we heading to – the real or the reel world ?

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