8.3 magnitude Earthquake hits Chile triggers tsunami warning

CHILE has been rocked by a “very strong” earthquake, with residents in Iquique reporting heavy shaking. It marks an active week for the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The Chile earthquake rocked Iquique, a city of more than 200,000 people on the South American country’s west coast.

The earthquake measured 8.3 magnitude .

USGS said the local population live in buildings “vulnerable to earthquake shaking”.

They said there was a 30 per cent of at least one fatality following the earthquake, with a four per cent chance of between 10 and 100 deaths.

Similar likelihoods were also estimated for at least one million dollars of damage, and for between 10 and 100 million dollars worth of damage.

Strong aftershocks rippled through Chile after a magnitude 8.3 earthquake that killed at least eight people and slammed powerful waves into coastal towns, forcing more than a million people from their homes. The government ordered evacuations from coastal areas after the powerful quake hit, seeking to avoid a repeat of a quake disaster in 2010 when authorities were slow to warn of a tsunami that killed hundreds.

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