16 Things to keep in Mind Before You Start Investing

1)“Paisa Jaldi Banana Hai Ya Jayada” – First ask yourself. Max how much you can lose money, 100% right but think about how much you can make money if your stock worked well, you will make 500% to 5000% also. You must survive in the market for at least 10-15 years to make money.
2) Stock investment has got power to knock-off many years of your work life, you will save many years without working hard and enjoy life with your family.

3) What kind of stocks works in the market – Consumption Stories like Asian Paint, Nestle, Infosys, Cipla, Cadila, Marico etc; always avoid cyclical stocks like steel, cement etc; govt owned companies, avoid govt regulated sectors like oil & gas, coal etc
4) Good management in Good Business is what you should look for? – Like tata in tcs created value, tata in tata steel lock value, vijay malaya in UB group lose value, vijay malaya in Kingfisher lose value. Management can so only so much for a business, end of the day business must be good.
5) Bad management will not generate ROE > = 30, Only good mgmt will pay taxes and dividends, no one will pay money on fake profits.
6)PE ratio of good companies will normally be high.
7)It’s very hard to loose money buying sector leaders.
8)If you bought Infosys in year 2000 at PE of 300 you must have got your money back after 4-5 years, but what about buying Mastek, DSQ, Silverline which was trading at 100 PE, you have lost your money for ever.
9)Big money is made only in buying illiquid stock with no institutional holding.
10) Normally the management which are untested, first generation entrepreneur will give you more money, like NRN in 1995, Kishor Biyani in 2004. If mgmt is technocrate and company is sector leader, you can bet on him.

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11) In compounding interest there is P, r & n; Compound Interest = P(1+r/100) power (n). So you must commit big sum of money (P), small amount will give you small return, so focus on deploying large initial capital, spend time in the market and rate of return. Out of these 3 most important is ‘n’ which is time in the market, second is ‘p’ that is initial capital.
12)Read as much as possible and build up your own investing philosophy, you can’t create wealth on borrowed conviction.
13) Wealth has to be made once, but making money is a daily work.
14)You can’t buy yesterday’s stock at today’s price or today’s stock at yesterday’s price.
15) Don’t feel shame in selling a stock where fundamental has deteriorated and don’t feel shame in doubling your position when the fundamental has improved.
16)You can focus on large cap pharma, consumption stock & NBFC.

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