Facebook will now have the most awaited “ downvote” button

Menlo Park-headquartered company facebook has now decided to give its users better experience by not showing fake news or inappropriate content . Facebook has listened to its users who have been demanding for long about the dislike button .

Yes, you read it right , facebook is now giving the most awaited downvote button . Although this will be available to only 5% of android users in US for now . This option will be applicable to comments on public page posts and not for groups / public figures / users etc. But upon seeing its reactions from its users if found successful , it will eventually be rolled out to all of  us.

While the basic agenda behind this is to flag inappropriate and unsuitable comments but going further this can also be used by the social media giant to use it for analytics to identify the sources that circulate the misleading content seeding through its site . In February 2016, facebook launched multiple emoticons to react to a post hoping to curb the spread of faking news . However, Reactions aren’t something that allows people to flag any objectionable content. This is where a downvote button was required.

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