Elon Musk plans Boring Co. flamethrower Rebranding

The Boring Company flamethrower has been one of Elon Musk’s most talked-about creations just this year. 20,000 pre -orders and it’s already stirred up plenty of controversy. After many comments of disbelief that the device actually existed, the flamethrower may be attracting more unwanted attention because people can’t believe the Tesla and SpaceX CEO would actually go through the necessary steps to sell and then ship it to customers.

Musk tweeted Friday he may be facing some headwinds in shipping a product called a “flamethrower,” which appears to raise some red flags with customs agencies who oversee the important and exporting of goods.

He twitted that “Apparently, some customs agencies are saying they won’t allow shipment of anything called a Flamethrower. To solve this, we are renaming it “Not a Flamethrower” Or maybe “Temperature Enhancement Device”. ELon is rebranding to avoid customs scrutiny.Yet that hasn’t stopped the 20000 preorders for the flamethrower to be exhausted in days, even at the $500 asking price for what appears to be a modified air shot gun.


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