Apple might be working on a competitor for Paint 3D and a Mixed Reality Headset

 Apple might be planning to include a feature in iPads similar to Microsoft Paint 3D,According to a patent filing last week. The patent was filed back in Q3 of 2017 and was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week.The patent will work with Apple Pencil on iPads and will allow users to create 3D images and drawings.

Apple’s long-term roadmap here is to allow users to create 3D images for the Mixed Reality headset.  Apple might also allow users to virtually draw in 3D space. The images will be created in free space by the motion of the Apple Pencil and will be captured by the Mixed Reality headset.

Furthermore, Apple is also planning to let developers use Apple Pencil to map movements for other apps as well. This can include apps as well as games where Apple Pencil will act as an input device. We still don’t have an estimate on when this feature will be shown to the public but we expect it to be sometime in 2019.

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