You will be Unsuccessful if you keep doing this

Fear of failure

Every fear of failure is a fear that you are a failure. Fear of failure is the fear that your social group, and really your sense of self, will identify you with failure rather than success. Fear of failure will prevent you from giving 100% to a challenging project, because if you never give your all, you can always say you never really tried.

Lack of vision                                              

Achievement takes motivation, and motivation requires desire to succeed, and desire comes from a vision. Seeing a strong vision that keeps you focused on your goals is necessary to succeed.


 If someone is content in the circumstances they live in, they will not have the drive to succeed. People work hard when they want to change something in their lives or in the world.


What would my friends think when they sees me losing?” Shame is a form of timidity and fear. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. That’s how people grow.

Lack of Self – Awareness 

It will be a lot more difficult to have consistent success when you cannot look at yourself objectively. Without self – awareness your relationships will fall apart, and it will be easy to make yourself a victim.


  A lot of people won’t achieve their dreams because they are too prideful to ask for help. They don’t want to look like they don’t have the answers, so they rather not know.


The further you progress in your career, the more important time management becomes.We all get 24 hours each day.  Successful people manage their time with laser-like focus.

Stopping Just Short Of The Finish Line

How many times have we seen this one?  You’ve been working hard on a project and you give up.  Then, you see someone else with the same idea succeed.Don’t let this happen to you.  Keep fighting until you win.

Ignorance and Inconsistency

Ignorance is one of the major hindrances of success. Most individuals do not take their dreams seriously, thus they do not attend some issues thinking there are not important. Consistency, on the other hand, is vital for you to realize any goal you set. You need to keep on pushing what you aim at achieving up to the final stage.


Lack of patience makes you give up thinking that you will never make it. You should know that unless you hit a jackpot, you can never become successful in one day. Most entrepreneurs who are very successful will tell you that their successes are a result of their lifetime hard work. You need to keep on pushing on your dream until it becomes a reality.

Blurry Vision

For you to be successful, you need to have a clear vision. You need to clearly understand your goal and what you need to do to achieve it. Most individuals keep chasing many goals in life and at the end, they end up losing everything.

Lack of self-discipline

Discipline means self-control. You must control yourself and decrease your negative habits and qualities. If you don’t conquer yourself, it will conquer you leading to failure in life.

Lack of goal

People who never set goals for themselves lack a sense of direction and commitment. They will jump from one activity to another with no success.

Comparing yourself with others

We judge our success with others every time and based on which we decide our happiness and joy. For example, if we are earning 50k per month and w come to know that our friend or colleague or relative is earning 70k then definitely we are not able to enjoy our salary.

Trying to perfect, and not progress

Perfectionism can cost you lot of time and money. Many times, it just breaks momentum and leads to abandoning lot of projects. In words of Reid Hoffman, Founder of linked in: “If you are not embarrassed of your product, you have launched it too late.”

Not taking action

You see thinking is not bad. Thinking can save from doing the wrong work. However, once you delve into the realm of overthinking, thats where it leads to analysis in paralysis.

Seeking or accepting without question, the advice of others 

 Presuming others are smarter than you is one of the most common ways to sabotage your own power.


Laziness is the biggest enemy of life. If you are lazy then you will not acquire any significant position in your life and will always remain confused. Laziness is such a disease which slowly steals everything from us. The biggest attribute of laziness is that we don’t understand its ill-effects on the right time, and afterwards we can only regret.

“Building habits needs to have a super-successful mindset and a super-successful mindset does not happen in a day. Successful people work hard on it just like any other worthy pursuit in life. “

To Find The habits of Highly Successful People

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