How to be in Worlds highest achievers list?

The worlds highest acheivers and most successful individuals make up a very small percentage of the population. Why is that?

These extraordinary people have been able to learn and decipher what it takes to be a world class performer at whatever they put their minds to. Becoming apart of this group of individuals requires your willingness to learn from them and identifying what their routines are.

The thought leaders of this generation have been attempting to make this concept a reality for everyone by interviewing many of these elite performers and uncovering exactly what they’re doing to reach their highest levels of fulfillment.

How is it done?

1)A Growth Mindset

My biggest take away from listening to hundreds of audio books, reading tons of self-help books, listening to hours of podcasts, and taking personal development courses is that for any of the information to actually work, you have to believe you can grow.

A growth mindset is the key to becoming successful in any area of your life. If you don’t believe you can improve then that’s the reality you will experience. Every time you attempt to change, your negative mindset paralyzes you from following through by focusing on toxic thoughts and emotions.

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”

That saying is extremely powerful because in an era where you have access to unlimited knowledge and resources, it remains challenging for people to enhance their lives. Your happiness and success will be determined by how much time you spend developing your mindset.

Ask self-empowering questions that enable you to grow such as:

What steps can I take to improve this area of my life?

What skills are most important for me to learn to reach my goal?

Who has already reached my goal that I can study or learn from?

Who can I ask for honest feedback?

When you don’t believe you have the ability to improve your current circumstances, your brain focuses on all the different reasons why you can’t and it will stop you in your tracks. Having a growth mindset enables you to develop strong inner belief that you can develop any skill,goal, or desired result.

It’s not being cocky or egotistical but it’s having that self-confidence and inner knowing that you’ll be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. You can grow into any goal or dream by watering your mind with valuable information and experiences.

You can grow from any negative situation in your life by choosing to focus on what you can learn from it.

Questions to eliminate asking yourself:

Why can’t I improve my life?

Why does everyone have it better than me?

Why am I such a failure?

How am I so unlucky?

By asking yourself these questions your brain starts looking for answers. Logically, this means that your mind is going to tell you everything that is wrong with your life. These answers will come to you in the form of negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Don’t stop your growth by asking yourself questions that lead you to a dead end. Ask yourself questions that enable your mind to think about different solutions for the obstacles you face.

The secret sauce to reaching any desired result will be determined by your ability to overcome obstacles and how well you study the craft. You can develop every day by doing better than you did yesterday by staying relentlessly focused on improvement. Focus on all that you are becoming.

In Benjamin P. Hardy article, To Have What You Want, You Must Give Up What’s Holding You Back, he states “When you open yourself to new experiences, you open yourself to change.” You must be willing to take calculated risks to discover what your purpose is.

2)Have Goals

What separates the average man from the high achievers is that high achievers have some kind of plan or blueprint for where they want to go or the results they desire.

In the book, High Performance Habits by Brendon Bouchard, he states that you should seek clarity for “Who you want to be each day, how you want to interact with others, what skills you must develop to win in the future, and how you can make a difference and serve with excellence.”

Goals help you gain clarity for where you want go in life and it sets the foundation for your personal growth. It’s really difficult when you’re trying to improve an area of your life or develop a new skill but you’re not really clear about how to start or where to begin.

Setting goals for yourself shouldn’t feel overwhelming or frustrating. Having goals is how the human race survives and improves. Goals gives you something to aim for and prevents you from wandering through life with no where to go.

I developed my own method for setting goals because I needed a way that worked for me. Here’s the three step I.C.E method I use:

1)Intentions behind your goal

2)Create an action plan

3)Execute on your plan

When you want to reach a goal or develop a new skill, using this method can simplify the process.

Intentions behind your goal. On a piece of paper or in your journal write down a list of all the reasons WHY accomplishing this goal is going to be important or valuable to your life. Whenever you need some self-motivation take a look at your list.

Write down a few reasons how NOT reaching your goal would affect you. This can give you perspective about your true intentions for your goals.

Create an action plan. This part doesn’t have to be complicated. On that same paper or a new one, write down three action steps that can help you get closer to your goals.

Study an expert in your craft and adopt at least two of their habits. Mirroring the habits of other successful people in your field will put you ahead of the learning curve.

Execute on your plan. What really launches people into a happy and successful life is the small actions they consistently take to get there. If you’re not taking any real steps towards accomplishing your goals then your success will be delayed. Don’t wait until tomorrow to work on things you find important and valuable.

Stop procrastinating on your dreams by waiting for the best time to start and begin taking real action towards the life you deserve today.


The worlds most successful individuals are highly aware of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Self-awareness is having an understanding of your emotions and behaviors. This is important because the more self-aware you are, the easier it is to overcome negative thoughts and emotions.

By developing your self-awareness, you will become more understanding of WHY other people act and think the way they do. You’ll become less judgmental and critical about the way others are acting. You’ll be more focused and conscious about how you can improve your own mindset.

High achievers are very aware of what they want and where they want to go. They are clear about the emotions they want to experience from their actions or contributions. They understand that they are in control of their thoughts and emotions at all times. They understand that no outer person or experience can alter their state of mind without allowing it to happen.

What holds most people back from going after their dreams are the negative beliefs that other people project onto them. They don’t have the confidence or awareness to understand they don’t have to believe or accept what other people tell them. Don’t give up on your goals because the world says that it can’t be done.

The worlds greatest inventions and businesses we’re once told that they could not accomplish their vision. If great people believed the negative opinions of others, we probably wouldn’t have discovered electricity or put man on the moon.

Ask yourself these two questions right now:

Am I currently bringing value to my life or someone else’s?

Do I allow the actions of others to affect my mood?

If you tried to answer these questions, then you’ve just become a little more aware of yourself. Taking the time to understand the way you feel and think is a game changer. Don’t leave your life up to randomness. This causes unconscious reactions, behaviors, and habits to take power over your life.

Practice being more mindful. This means anytime you notice you’re having a negative thought or emotion you catch yourself. The more you catch yourself having these negative feelings, the better you become at being positive.

This happens because any time you have a negative thought, your brain will stop and ask you: Are you sure you want to think and feel this way?

People who are highly self-aware and mindful have the ability to accept the emotions and thoughts they’re having or they can choose to focus on more positive thoughts and feelings.

he more mindful you become, the easier it is for your mind to notice toxic thoughts and emotions. Master this skill.

4)Surround Yourself With Better People

Surrounding yourself with positive people is the key to experiencing a greater quality of life and you being inspired everyday to reach your goals.

You become an average of the five people you spend the most time with.

You won’t understand how powerful this statement is until you realize that it’s affecting you. I remember hearing this from the personal development guru Jim Rohn. I thought about it hard for a while and it all made sense.

My income, health, personality, mindset, eating habits, spending habits, and conversations we’re all very similar to the five people I was spending the most time with.

It’s not easy changing who you enjoy spending your time with but it’s necessary if these people aren’t encouraging you to grow and develop. Try finding new people that share similar values and that you can learn something valuable from.

It’s been difficult for me to find other friends that have similar values and interests as I do. A very small percentage of the population make self-improvement a priority but the more people know about it the better we’ll be as a society.

Surround yourself with people that inspire you to become a better person.

If you can’t change your environment, then you can change what you listen to, what you read, what you watch, and how much time you spend around people that bring you down. Stop wasting time on activities that aren’t bringing you any value. You don’t get a refund on any of it. Time is precious.

Listen to educational podcasts and audiobooks, read self-help books and articles, watch online videos and trainings, and intentionally look for other like minded individuals that want to be successful. Be mindful of how you’re spending your time because it will determine the outcomes of your future.


Being an elite performer will require you to:

Have a growth mindset (Believe in your ability to grow)

Have Goals (You need something to aim for)

Self Awareness(Be conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors)

Surround yourself with better people(You’ll become them)

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