Want to overcome saturation in career ?

Few years down , following the traditional path , an employee many a times hardly seeks time and need to keep a check on what he /she really wants from his/her career or is the current position even relevant to him/her .

Promotions , designation change and a wish to lead a smooth life where he can rely on his organisation to care of him and his family .This in a way scares him to dare to think about taking a chance beyond this regular earning , taking care of home loans , taking care of family and improving the current standard of living with each hike.

When you do the same job for years , you tend to get into a groove. This is the point where your career starts taking a plunge.

It is believed that the following can help overcome saturation in career. These steps can be adapted by organisations / employees .

  1. Moving to an organisation with reduced hierarchy and no/less management layers. Such place empowers employees. Longer waiting period harms productivity.
  2. Periodic career planning . With this we mean frequent planning like quarterly or even monthly .After the planned period it needs to be revisited to check if you achieved your planned goals.
  3. Organisations prefer employees who are deeply involved in their business success to gain a competitive advantage.
  4. Employees prefer organisations who take care of their employees and provide a good work culture . Providing an environment where the employee can stay comfortably and enjoy adds to productivity and belongingness . It also helps to prevent switchovers.
  5. Career counselling and job preferences in terms of change of location or job rotation should be given as per the needs. With this Organisations can retain their corporate knowledge and also cross-fertilizing to create better results.
  6. Organisations can keep their employees motivated by keeping awards for best performer (Quarterly / annually etc). Longevity awards can be given to felicitate long-serving employees. Snap Awards can be given by mangers for individual and team achievements to their team members. Popular Awards are peer recognition awards.
  7. Taking a break for some time called as ”plateau” . A plateau can be a stable period of rest and security that provides an opportunity to regain perspective and digest new ideas. Individuals who have comfortably leveled off during this plateau are more likely to regroup and plan better for the next stage of their career development, than those who have not.
  8. And last but not the least as everyone says , Understanding your passion and keeping your career and passion inline will have less probability of you getting bored of your work.
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