Things We Do Privately,But Will Never Admit It.

There are things which we do privately but will never admit it,because we think it is gross.But guess what everybody is doing the same things.Using your toes to pick things up off the floor is entirely reasonable. Cooking dinner naked seems like a strong choice. The things that go down when you’re out of the prying eyes of the public are the unholiest of unholiness. Lets go through them.

Keeping a booger wall.

Shaking your hair to see if dandruff comes out. 

Peeing in the shower.

Measuring your dick.

Sucking your blood from a cut.

Googling yourself.

Viewing your Facebook profile from your ex’s perspective.

Clearing your browsing history before someone borrows your phone/laptop.

Tell your friend you contributed to their kickstarter/passed their resume along when you really didn’t.

 Showing up where your ex is after seeing them check in somewhere.

 Wiping your nose on anything available.

 Saying you deleted the naked pictures she sent when you didn’t.


 Wiping your ass and looking at it.

 Jerking off to your friend's girlfriend.

 Not washing your hands after using the bathroom.

Thinking about a relative in a sexual way.

Taking naked selfies just because.

Crying loudly by yourself.

Attempting to teach yourself how to twerk.

Practicing important conversations in the mirror.

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