Things To Keep In Mind When Asking For A Raise

Have you been working hard towards a promotion you think you deserve or you are upset about your pay package?

Asking for what you think you deserve may not always be easy, lest you end up looking too eager or greedy – but if you think you deserve something, not asking is a bigger disservice to yourself as well as to your organisation. Think about it.

To make it a little easier for you, we’ve got a few tips you could keep in mind when bringing up a raise or a promotion with your boss.

1.Get Noticed

Volunteering to do some extra work or take on new projects here and there may seem like a bit of a bummer at the time, but being seen as someone who is involved in the company and takes initiative can take you a long way. That extra weekend work that you hate doing could potentially be the only thing that makes you stand apart and eligible for a pay hike.

2.Make a list of your achievements

Asking for a pay bump is not a small step – which is why you should be well prepared from your end while doing so. Why do you deserve a raise? How do you contribute in ways that no one else does? From the very beginning of your tenure, make sure to note down all achievements, big and small, that contribute to helping the company grow. Keeping this list with your accomplishments updated will help serve as ammunition during a performance review or an interview if you decide to move on from your current job.

3.Keep your company budgets in mind

 You may feel like you deserve a lot more than you are currently getting, but think about why you might not be there yet. When negotiating salary, do think about the current economy as well as the position your company is in. This will allow you to make a pitch that is actually reasonable. If you still think what they have to offer is not good enough given the work you put in, it might be time to consider brushing up your resume and applying for a new job.
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