Six Ways to Simplify Your Work and Personal Life

Your Daily Life Begin today to simplify your work and your personal life. Set it as a goal, make a plan and work on simplification every day. Here are some ways to get started.

First, clean up the clutter in your life. Clear off your workspace completely before you begin work. Even if you have to put things on the floor, you should only have one task on the desk in front of you at any one time.

Second, go through your stacks of reading material with a garbage bag and begin throwing things away. Much of it has no further value. Any magazine that is more than six months old is junk. Any information that you can get somewhere else is junk. Fully 80% of all materials put aside for filing or storage are never looked at again. There are warehouses full of dead files that will eventually have to be thrown away. There are homes, offices and desks with piles of materials that will never be looked at by human eyes again.

Third, to increase breathing space in your life, leave things off. Resist the temptation to turn on the radio at home or in your car. Leave the television off when you get up or arrive home. Create periods of silence in your life so that your mind can relax and function better.

One great advantage of leaving things off is that you will find yourself spending more time talking openly and honestly with members of your family, or whoever else is there. As soon as you turn on the television or radio however, all communication grinds to a halt. You can dramatically improve the quality of your life by simply developing the habit of leaving things off. Many people have gotten rid of their television sets completely, or moved them to a separate room. They are absolutely astonished at the improvement that takes place in the quality of their family lives as a result.

Fourth, go through your car, your closets and your garage and get rid of everything that is out of fashion, obsolete, unnecessary or irreparable. Break yourself of the “pack rat” mentality that so many people learned from their parents. Give things away to needy people and needy causes. Keep your life clean and simple, refined and elegant.

Fifth, and perhaps most important, is for you to practice solitude on a daily basis. Take thirty to sixty minutes each day and sit quietly by yourself. Allow your mind to relax. Breathe deeply and let your mind float, wandering from subject to subject, with no pressure or direction. The daily practice of solitude can change your life. Every person who has ever accepted this advice and begun practicing solitude has been astonished at the overall improvement of the quality of his or her life. Sometimes, in solitude, you will come up with ideas and insights that are so profound and powerful that they change the entire direction of your career or your personal life. Just try it a couple of times and see.

Sixth, make a specific action commitment based on what you have learned in this writing. Do something. Do anything. But take action immediately to begin to simplify your life. Once you have taken the first action, you will find yourself automatically propelled into taking action after action. In no time at all, you will have your life completely under control.

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