Quick Promotion Tips for Taking Your Career to the Next Level

There are four keys to success in making yourself more valuable, marketing yourself more effectively and moving yourself ahead more rapidly in your career.

These four keys are:


Specialize In a Key Area Specialization refers to your ability to specialize and channel your talents and abilities into a vital area that is of measurable importance and value to your company and to your customers. Your selection of an area of specialization is a critical determinant of your long-term success. What is yours?

2) Differentiation

Differentiate Yourself from Others Differentiation is how you set yourself apart from others on the basis of your superior performance in one or more areas. Your ability to differentiate yourself on the basis of high quality work is probably the most important single focal point of your career. Just as a company must have an area of excellence or competitive advantage to survive and thrive, you must have one or more as well. What is it? If your customers and co-workers were interviewed and asked, “What is his/her area of excellence?” what would they say about you? In what part of your work are you outstanding? What is it that you do better than anyone else? Where do you perform at a high level of effectiveness? If you do not yet have an area of excellence, you must begin immediately to develop one. What should it be? What could it be? What is your plan to become absolutely outstanding at what you do? And how will you measure your level of excellence in a particular area of knowledge or skill? This measure becomes your standard of performance, your focal point. This is where you mark the “X” in your career. This is where you focus your attention. Becoming absolutely excellent in a critical skill area can do more to advance you in your career than perhaps any other decision or action that you take.

3) Segmentation

Segmentation refers to the ability to determine the individuals and organizations in your work life who can most benefit, the fastest, from your excellent performance in a particular area. Proper segmentation requires that you define your most important customer clearly and then resolve to satisfy that particular customer better than anyone else. Often, you can change the entire direction of your business or your career by changing the definition of the customer that you are going to focus on in the future.


Concentrate Where Superior Results Are Possible The fourth part of personal and corporate marketing is concentration. Concentration refers to your ability to focus single minded on serving your specific market segment with products and services that are absolutely excellent for that individual or organization. These four strategies- specialization, differentiation, segmentation and concentration- are the essential focal points for achieving extraordinary results in your company and in your career. Remember the question, “What one skill, if you developed and did it in an excellent fashion, would have the greatest positive impact on your career?”

Whatever your answer to that question, write it down as a goal, set a deadline, make a plan and begin working on developing yourself in that area until you master it. This is the real key to career success.

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