GIFT like a SUPERSTAR , says Priyanka Chopra

Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra , PC as she is known popularly (she won the title in 2000) , bollywood  and hollywood star, singer , model, producer(purple pebble pictures) and what not . It is difficult to list down her achievements in such a short span of time . She has made her presence felt in diversified fields .

But not many know that she believes in  “GIFT like a SUPERSTAR”. Yes, that’s Priyanka Chopra’s Secret to Keeping Everyone Happy. Like us, she struggles to get enough sleep, worries too much, and can’t resist her junk food cravings but despite all this when it comes to gifting someone , then she takes hell lot of time in just deciding over a gift that feels personal and touched to the person being gifted. This quality of her is known not to many but to her closed circle of family and her team .

An example of a conversation with her family /team in this regard, is quoted by which goes like :

Them: “Have you figured it out yet?”

Me: “Noooo…I need some more time. Any suggestions?”

Them: “If you take any longer this [insert special day here] will be over.”

Me: “You just don’t understand. I need to get it just right!

Priyanka loves giving gifts. She says to that , “ I live for it. It’s all or nothing for me… thought over reason, emotion over practicality. But before you go labeling me as some sort of ‘Psycho Santa’, allow me to let you into the basic thought behind it all. I believe very strongly in personal relationships and even more so in never taking those relationships for granted. A key ingredient in ensuring that is to ensure that you, in whatever way possible, make them feel special. One way I’ve found to do that is to put a whole lot of thought and energy into giving the perfect gift. For me, no two people in my life are the same and therefore the gifts can’t be either. They have to mean something. Something that only I can see and fulfill. But damn… it can get so exhausting!”

She personalizes each gift as per the person and his/ her personality and likes . And above all that she makes sure to drop a personal hand written card with each gift . Many a times these gifts are for some occasions , but there are times when she just gifts without any reason . Well , its really a nice gesture to pull off time of her busy schedule and plan so much for the people who really matter in her life . Its commendable that she values relationships more than anything else. For her gift is much more than money , It’s a way of making someone feel special and important. For her every details counts including the wrapping paper.

She also says , never approach “gifting” as something you ‘need’ to do but rather how much you ‘want’ to and that it is always less about the ‘money’ and more about the ‘thought’. It is about how special you can make someone feel. That one little gift will let them know that in spite of the crazy world we live in, with all the busy schedules that we keep up with , this smallest gesture of love makes them feel special and the joy that it gives is priceless.


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