Hilarious Things Spotted in Public

1.Weird Baggage

You are in a public transport and some weird people bring weird packages with them.

2.Cell Phone Irritation

People talk so loudly some times that it becomes really annoying to sit next to them.Often they are caught laughing on stupid stuff.

3. Parenting

It’s funny if it’s not your kid.
Still better than spanking, right?


Its okay to look different but taking to a next level is sometimes so hilarious.

5. Itching

Itching “down there”…

It’s not just a guy problem anymore!
Bonus points for this actually being the backside of Hayden Panettiere.
Celebrities… they’re just like us!

6. Nice Pants

Pants below your crack? Fine.

But people who wear pants below their butt?
It’s like… what’s the point?!

7.Catching The Bus

Call us sadistic, but seriously..

Is there anything funnier than watching someone desperately try to catch a bus and making it happen at all costs?

8. Computer Setup

Free Wi-Fi… people will do anything for it.

Anything, that is, except buy an actual meal from the place they’re using it at.

9. Makeup

Doing a little touchup in public is fine…

But doing something that requires mirror, lighting, and a possible assistant?
…we’re smiling, but not at how good you think you look.

10.Weird Clothes

Here’s what really confuses us about these people who wear weird stuff in public.

They’re obviously dressing bizarre to get our attention… so why do they get so upset when we stare?
Also, why do they get so upset when we take pictures and post them to the internet?
We’re just trying to give you the attention that you want.

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