On Your First Date Never Ask These 5 Things

First dates especially are such make or break situation. It is the first date that decides whether there will be a second one; it is this date that decides if this person will get a chapter in the book on your life or just a paragraph (or nothing at all).

There are things you just shouldn’t do on the first date. If you are wondering what those are, give this a read. And then there are things you just shouldn’t ask on a first date.

“How much money do you make?”

Yikes! It is not even okay to ask that question to most people you know a lot more, forget a first date. You will only end up sounding like someone who is only interested in what the person brings to the table monetarily. I mean, gold digger much?

“Why are you still single?”

If I had a penny every time someone asked me this and caught me at odds end. It makes the asker seem skeptical of the person they are on the date with. It may also give the hint that there must be something wrong with the person for them to be single. Also, what’s wrong with being single?

“Do you think I am attractive?”

Whoa, no. Don’t look like someone who is waiting for some form of validation from the date. Not just that, the question puts the other person in a spot where they end up stammering a lot or looking dumbfounded. The question makes you look royally insecure, and that’s not attractive.

“Where do you want to take this?”

 Okay sloooooow down fella! It’s your first date not your first anniversary. You can’t go around asking something that is probably yet to be deciphered by the person, something he doesn’t know himself. Well if you ask this question, you will know where he is NOT taking you for sure – to the second date.

“That thing on your Facebook, what was that?”

Creep alert! I mean, we all know that we all background check a person we are to meet for a date but THEY don’t have to know how far down you scrolled right? They will probably think you are creepy, also clearly very jobless.

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