Boys will Judge You Immediately On Your First Date But Never Admit To Tell You

I asked 15 guys if they make any opinion about girls when they have first encounter with them,they shared some interesting things that I have never imagined they would judge girls immediately on.

Lets see what they have to say,

1. If the girl is late because she’s taking so long to get ready, I’m already less interested. Get ready earlier. I know you’re trying to play a dating game already and it’s just a huge turn-off. – Josh, 23

2.I don’t know where society got the idea that men don’t care that much about personality. All the men I know do. Strong, funny, interesting,smart women are where it’s at. Nothing more disappointing than a dull person, woman or man, honestly. – Mohit, 35

3.I know she doesn’t really want that salad and she’s ordering it because she thinks she should. I would rather she just be herself and get what she likes. – Gorge, 27

4.How much she looks at her phone. Obviously everyone’s gonna text, but if she’s on it the whole time when we’re first starting to hang out, it’s just such a huge turnoff. – Sujal, 25

5.How many selfies she posts, and how much duck face is involved in them. Self-love is great, but it tends to be the case that girls who post a lot of photos of themselves are seeking some kind of validation that I don’t want to end up being responsible for giving. – Ryan, 22

6. If she says something like, “Well, you’re a guy so you will do [really cliche thing]” I feel like I can’t be myself. I don’t think she has to do anything specific because she’s a woman, so why do I have to speak for my entire gender? – Ken, 28

7.One time I got drinks with a girl and she was like approving my tastes as if they were acceptable. I got this glimpse of the future, and it was just her molding me into everything she wanted. I threw up in my mouth. – Chris, 27

8.If a woman wears shoes she can’t even walk in from the parking lot to the movie theatre, I’m disinterested quickly. I get that women think we like high heels and maybe I’m the weird one here, but I’d rather my date wear something comfortable. – Clan, 28

9. No sense of humor! I’m interested in a relationship. If we can’t laugh right from the beginning, we are never going to work. – Sheldon, 21

10.If I’m on a first date with a woman and she has no strong opinions and seems to care about NOTHING, I just die inside a little. WTH are we supposed to talk about for the rest of this date, never mind during a long-term relationship? Gross. – Jay, 29

11. How much her ‘put together’ appearance differs from what she actually looks like. I’m totally about self expression and looking the way you want and being who you want, but I’m not wild about having dinner looking at once face and then going home to a completely different one. – Jonny, 28

12.I feel like this is sad, but social media stuff. A girl that’s gonna post about me I’m not exactly down with. Seems to be more and more of a thing every day. – Roy, 36

13. How many ‘issues’ she has with her ‘friends.’ Girls who have problems with everybody in their lives are usually the problem themselves. – Michael, 23

14.The first thing she says when you ask her what she likes to do with her spare time. If it’s “uhhhh… I don’t know,” well… she’s not going to “know” about a lot of things going forward, or as you get more serious (or not.) Women who know who they are, what they want, and what they like aren’t just hot… they’re ideal. – Steve, 34

15.Pretty simply, what she’s wearing. Not in a “that’s so out of style!” way, just in a, “Oh, this is who you are communicating you are” way. To be honest, most guys kind of evaluate girls by their appearances, and not on whether they’re “hot” or not… it’s about who they seem to be. That’s the first step toward any kind of relationship, girls get too sensitive about it. We aren’t judging how pretty you are, we’re judging whether we should give this thing a shot by who you seem to be saying you are, that’s all we have to work with, at least initially. – Dwayne, 28

And now you know it, girls… the 15 things guys wish girls knew even if they never say it out loud. Just keep these things in mind, especially when you’re with a guy you like. As long as you play by these cards, he’ll definitely be a lot more interested in you.

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