The best life lessons learned from traveling the world

 Travelling means discovery

Nothing like a travel can make you aware, aware of everything. We all are used to studying a lot, first in high school and then university. Then we read the news everyday, we watch them on TV and we think we know everything. Guess what?

We know nothing until we start travelling. We’re not saying that school, university and studies are useless. But you can’t really know something until you go there and see it. Travelling is a continuous discovery!

 Traveling will heal you up

Nowadays, we barely have time for a proper sleep. Our days are hectic: they can be summarized as “Work, eat, sleep. Repeat” . Obviously, this is the worst nightmare ever. But think about it for a second: isn’t this routine killing you? Aren’t you letting this routine kill your dreams? Don’t do it.

Take a breath and go travelling. If possible, take one month off from your daily life. Start again from the beginning: we should enjoy our time spent on Earth. So take it slow, don’t rush, and start over. Enjoy simple things, like a walk in the morning, a beautiful sunset, a nice coffee. Watch the stars above and think. Traveling will heal your soul and your heart.

Time is our only real resource

Think about it. What do we really own in this life? Things? Money? Our career? Nope.

We just have time. And not even so much. So we better use it in a good way.

People are the Same Everywhere

Cultures change, climates change, people don’t.

People, at the deepest levels are the same everywhere. They wan the same things, fear the same things, and love the same thing.

It’s another cliche, but when you travel, you realize that we really are all “One’. At least we are all on this rock together and it’s important to realize that 99% of people want the same things as you do.

You Are capable of more than you think

During my trip, I was arrested once, almost put in jail four times, threatened by a drug cartel, homeless in Chile for almost a week, so broke I had to beg a missionary for $3 so I could eat a hamburger, and thought that I was going to die almost weekly.

But I made it home unscathed.

You and me… We are capable of way more than we think we are, but we sit in our little boxes and stay so comfortable for so long that we forget that we aren’t fucking sheep… We’re lions waiting for a chance to prove it.

People are Full of Shit

I was regularly told to be careful of Colombia because it was dangerous and scary…

It was the happiest, most amazing country I’ve ever been to.

People were kinder there than anywhere else that I visited. The women were beautiful and friendly, the family system was strong, and I felt safer in Medellin than I did in my hometown.

In general… People are full of shit.

They will tell you to do this or do that. They will give advice about topics they don’t understand and try to convince you that they actually know what the hell they are talking about even when they don’t.

Ignore them and you will be better for it.

You are never alone

You can make friends anywhere. Be the first to smile. Make an effort to join in their celebrations or simply ask them questions about their lives. This is all it takes.

You meet unforgettable people

Several years ago, I purchased a small apt in Southern Italy. It has been magical.

One of my most treasured friendships is the one I found with the lady who owns the little grocery store in Santa Domenica Talao. Her name is Nunzia and we loved each other from the moment we met.

We still struggle with the language a bit but that doesn’t seem to matter. Every time I arrive, kisses rain down on me, spontaneous hugs erupt out of nowhere and I have been pulled into the bosom of the village through her acceptance and love.

In the morning I go to her shop for coffee. I love to watch as the villagers come in for their produce (buying or selling) and an update on whatever is happening in the village or surrounding area. And every day Nunzia saves the freshest eggs for me behind her counter.

She is an amazing lady whom I adore. Who knew I would find her tending a little store, in a medieval village in Southern Italy?

You learn to enjoy transient relationships

On a recent trip, I ended up taking the slow train from Cremona in the North to my place down South. I spent 13 hours in a train that stopped at every station. Happily I shared a compartment with a group of people from Naples.

If you have not met folks from Naples, I can tell you that they are so much fun! The train barely started when questions were asked about me, where I was from, where I was going, and what I was interested in. Food was opened and passed around. discussions were had. The young girl next to me asked me to translate every word she could think of into English so she could wow her friends. We had a great time!

You have to try new things

Whether you are staring at a menu realizing you have no idea what the items are, or jumping on a bus that you hope will get you somewhere familiar, travel is exciting. You have to do new things. It is all about getting yourself into situations and turning them into amazing experiences.

There are no “mistakes”

Ok maybe one or two. Don’t eat anything you would not step on in your bare feet (one of my important life rules) and if the water is not good, don’t drink it or eat anything that has not been cooked.

Other than that, go and have some fun. Read up in the culture before you go and when something goes off plan, turn it into an exciting experience.

You find the value in getting lost

Really! Get lost in a city then wander around. The great thing is there are taxis all over the place and you can always dive into one when you get tired.

“No such thing as a free lunch.”

It means that everything has a cost, even if that cost is not always immediately apparent. To achieve anything, you must give up something else.




You Must Take Responsibility For Your Problems

Blaming the world for our problems is the easy way out. It’s tempting and it can even be satisfying.

Sure, shit happens. It’s not your fault a drunk driver hit you and you lost your leg to a botched surgery. But it’s your responsibility to recover from that loss, both physically and emotionally. So get recovering.

Blaming others for the problems in your life may give you a smidgen of short-term relief, but ultimately it implies something entirely insidious: that you are incapable of controlling your own fate. And that’s the most depressing assumption of all to live with.

YOU Must Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Relish the pain. Bathe in the scorn. The most important skill in life is not how to avoid getting knocked down, but rather learning how to stand back up.

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