Top 10 Secrets of rich people

Who doesn’t want to be rich ? But very few of us have the courage to go out of our comfort zone and do something that they are not trained in . Someone had once said that “if you wanna be rich , observe how rich people behave” . Being rich is an attitude and a habit , more than a skill. If you lock 10 billionaires in a room for 10 years and take away all their wealth, probably all those who will come up with something big , will almost have similar patterns .

Although having a plan B is good but others believe that if you have a backup , you sometimes are not able to give your everything to your dream goal . So , having no backup option is good if you wanna give your 100% because when you know you don’t have a backup you will work with all conviction , dedication and will work your ass off to achieve your desire.

We have compiled and consolidated 13 Principles to attract riches based on our research from various sources and the lives and lessons of many multi-millionaires.

  1. MindSet

Mindset to achieve your dream is more important than skillset. If you know what you want and how to go about it , you can hire some of the best talent in their respective area to achieve your goal. You should know how to make best use of each talent that you have , that is the quality of a good leader.

  1. Desire

You should have a strong desire to achieve your goal. Make your desire – an obsession .  Fight or die but do not get back to what you are doing now . Follow your dreams . There should be no other goal in your life except  your dreams , no distractions .

  1. Faith

Fake it till you make it. You got to have a strong faith on yourself that you can do it. You need to Act as if you are already there . You have to always be in the aura that you are already one that you you desire to be . You should always be obsessed with –  “Get the job you want, not the job you have” .

  1. You are your master

You are in the driving seat of your life . You have to master your chariot towards your goals  . If you head in the right direction , no one can stop you. Be a step closer to your goal each day.

  1. Specialized knowledge

Some unique and specialized qualities  are important if you want to be a leader . Your team should look upto you for direction and confidence . And confidence can only come when they believe in you and your vision . You sould have that x-factor that distinguishes you from rest.

  1. Organized planning

You should have a proper plan of how you are gonna achieve your goal . Because you would be able to arrange proper talent and resources only you have a concrete plan about how you are gonna take this journey ahead each day.

  1. Persistence

Setting a large and single goal might de-motivate you half way. So, the secret is to “ Set small goals to keep yourself motivated “.  You just have to keep going , even if you fail a million times . When it comes to persistence , how can we forget KFC founder “Colonel Sanders” ? He failed 1009 times before hitting his big “Success”. In this journey to your dream , you might encounter temporary failures and sometimes defeat but always remember when your biggest defeat hits you , you are a step back in achieving your desire . That one step you cant afford to miss .

  1. Improve your personality

You will be like the people you surround yourself with .So, try to be in the group of people that motivate you . You should have a community around you that you aim to belong one day . That will transform you slowly like one of them . Behave like one of them and one day you will be one of them.

  1. Take Action Now

Simply making a plan will not help if you have not started to work upon your plan . Everyday work a step towards your goal . Give your everything to your goal – all the hardwork and dedication . You should be smart enough to Create , recognize and act upon opportunities.

  1. Conceive , believe and achieve

Lastly , it is all about how strongly you desire ,how well you conceive , how strong you believe that you can achieve it .



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