Golden Lessons learnt in Corporate World

  1. Lead – The person who thinks only he is correct in all decision and others are waste. Never respect or hear your opinions.
  2. Interview – Dont disappoint if you didnt get through interview. Sometimes the interviewer will fire questions to you which is not related to the position required. Eg: Recruitment will be in Java. But interviewer know only oracle. So he will shoot whatever known in oracle.
  3. If you are doing things right, some person will be there to esacalate as wrong to bring you down.
  4. Reluctance to change – Once someone has worked in a certain position for a few years, then there is a feeling, things always need to go forward the same.But technologies, economies and competition are changing all the time.Most of the long term employees will reject that change and point to the old ways of doing things, and how successful they were.
  5. Wrong incentive system – The way large organizations work, is that they use bonuses and other incentive to make people work into a certain direction. But sometimes the incentive system is not right and it will lead to territory fighting.

    One example: Salesman X gets a quota he needs to achieve in the banking sector and Salesman Y gets a quota to be achieved in the small and medium sized banking sector. If it is not clear, which bank belongs to which Salesman, then the infighting will start.

  6. Your personal life should not distract your corporate life and vise versa. To do this, you always need to recover.
  7. You need to learn how to present your work. Sometimes even if you have done effective work and you don’t know how to present it, may be comprehended that you have done less effective work.
  8. Always some one will gossip or pat on you.
  9. HR will never be in his Seat whenever you go in his cabin.
  10. You never get Promotion. Infact,promotion decisions come from small committees of upper-level software engineers and managers who have never heard of you until the day they decide on your promotion. Your fate will be in the hands of a mysterious committee who’s never met you.
  11. On several occasions, You put your projects on hold for weeks or even months at a time to help a teammate whose launch was at risk. It was the right decision for the team, but it looked unimpressive in a paper trail.
  12. Visibility to top management – try to get escalation from client and resolve within ETA. Then you will the highlighting person for the whole year.
  13. Men will be men – Any men in the team will ready to help a women employee without any request from her. If anyone oppose it, you will be called as male chavunism.
  14. Youth Workforce- There is a strong tendency in large organizations to remove older employees (above 45 years of age) and replace them slowly with younger employees.
  15. Not involving employees in decisions-Sometimes large companies just take some decisions and implement them, without any prior notice.
  16. Never be the smartest person in the room.
  17. Doing overtime means you are less capable.
  18. There is no such relationship called F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P.
  19. Never expect anything from anyone.
  20. Ears are most sensitive part- Everything including walls, chairs, table, pen on table, peons, office-boy, office doormat and even your handkerchief has EARS!. Keep your mouth shut. Never ever bitch about anyone in office. They will get to know in 10 minutes max!.
  21. Ass lickers are most successful  No matter how (Einstein)ish you are in your job, you have to know the art of ‘buttering’. 80% survive by ‘licking’ and 20% by working really hard. These 20% feed other 80% also!
  22. Never ever speak about your salary  It is the greatest mistake to discuss salary in office. You may not get a raise but may get many ‘eyes raised’ on you!
  23. Work is done by someone below in hierarchy and all credit taken by its head.
  24. Nepotism is present.
  25. Any company with more than two people in it will have politics. The bigger the corporation the more complex. Your ability to advance in career will depend on your ability to navigate the politics as well as on your technical competency.
  26. At the end of the day everybody is replaceable. Never get into the mindset that you are indispensable.
  27. Onsite is like chasing a mirage. After bugging your manager for years,he will reluctantly promise you onsite the next year. But he will say the same when you ask him next year. However if you are in the same project for more than 3 years you will more likely get an onsite.
  28. You always try to steal someone else’s user Id/password for accessing the Internet.
  29. Always have options or generate them before taking any kind of a personal or professional decision.Never take a decision on impulse. Let each decision be a thoughtful conscious decision.
  30. Make your Boss Shine in front of his senior.
  31. Always and always be diplomatic of your answers. I know many will disagree saying it’s best to speak your mind and all that. But NO, each and every word spoken is remembered and used against you at the wrong time and wrong place.
  32. If you’re going out of your way to do something, let your manager know it. CC him/her.
  33. Nothing fruitful has ever been achieved of the “meetings” of the team.
  34. Relationships & Flings  Flirting is okay, relationships completely not okay. Keep personal life out of office and vice-versa.
  35. There is no such thing as work-life balance – Ask any high-achiever in a leadership role: balance is an illusion. Anyone wanting to make it far in their career is putting in hard time and at a cost: family, friendships, hobbies, etc.

Never depend on your company to make you grow. Your company doesn’t owe you anything apart from the CTC. Do stuff outside your office which improves your visibility.A salary is not an entitlement, but a reflection of contribution. It’s a business deal. Neither of you are doing each other any favour.Don’t bank on your past glories to think you deserve good work. Try to make a difference everyday to get great work.Be relevant. Learn new skills, advance yourself. You are the only person who can set yourself apart.

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