10 easy ways to stop procrastination today

We all are lazy towards certain things , so lazy that we keep delaying that particular thing until it reaches a dead end where it is almost impossible to delay it further. Such situation is known as procrastination .

Sometimes in such a situation instead of facing the task and doing something for it we start doing all irrelevant tasks like checking email, social media, watching videos etc. Chronic procrastinator spend years and years trapped in this viscous circle of procrastination. It’s a bad habit that eats us away and prevents us from achieving greater results in life.

While procrastinators may be trying to avoid distress, this approach can ironically cause more distress in the long run. It can lead to increased Stress, health related issues, and poorer performance. Sometimes can even lead to lack of sleep and regrets.

If you realize that you procrastinate often than usual then you must try adopting strategies that make it easier for you to get started on the things you should be doing. Some of which could be like

  1.  Instead of thinking about it for hours, just start over and face it .

Because otherwise in our imagination we make the task even bigger than what it actually is by thinking about it all day long . Face it , then it will appear doable to you .

  1. Break a bigger task into small pieces and accomplish each piece of task at a time .

Small small successes lead to a big success that gives peace and satisfaction .It also makes you feel good .

  1. Make a simple 2 minute rule .
  • That if the task takes less than 2 minutes then do it now .

This will allow unnecessary overhead of delaying something that almost did not take any time . Thinking about it would have taken more time than actually doing it . this two minute rule will help you reduce your procrastinating list.

  • This rule can very well be applied to tasks will take longer . The key is to get started which this rule will make you do , and once you start it will be difficult to stop you until you get the job done.

  1. Take out your calendar and look for the slot where you can fit this long procrastinated task.

Things left for tomorrow are often things never done as they say tomorrow never comes .

Make a dedicated time slot instead of vague unbounded time to make you even more focussed and productive. Consider this task as well too important as your other tasks .

  1. Compare your current tasks against the procrastinated one .

If you find the procrastinated task more important than your current one , bother to re-prioritize things .

Compare the tasks in terms of effort , importance , time to complete , benefits of completing each.

Many people keep procrastinating daily workout / exercise giving the same old excuse of lack of time without even realizing that it should be their first priority . This approach will help find important tasks.

  1. Believe in the mantra – “Although I do understand that this is not my favourite task, but I can get through it immediately”
  2. Don’t fool around yourself with your excuses .

These excuses could be as simple as lack of time , boredom, not in mood , wait till the time iron become hot, waiting for someone else’s help , blaming someone else for not being able to do it blah blah .

  1. Make the ambiance / environment positive, charged up and motivating .

This thing has direct impact on our mood , which will drive our energy and enthusiasm .

One simplest way to be in mood could be as simple as dress yourself well before starting over or plan a shopping session/enjoy a movie as a reward to yourself post your procrastinated task is done successfully.

  1. Forgive and free yourself from the guilt of not being able to do it .

Guilt will stop you from moving ahead and staying positive. It will only drag you back.  Give yourself a fresh start over .

  1. Know yourself and be realistic to accept that its ok not to be perfectionist.

Do not try to stress yourself by no rest and continuous work. Know the limits of your body , go with the flow . Do not adjust your body and schedule as per the task , instead do it vice -versa and Fit in the task in your schedule  (with minor re-shuffles , if required ).

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