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Coriander / Cilantro health benefits

Coriander leaves and stems are used as herb while the seed is used as spice. It has 11 types of essential oils , 6 types of acids and various other vitamins and minerals.

  • Coriander is very helpful in digestion . Many diseases occur because of improper digestion such as allergen reactions which result because of  accumulation of toxins in the body , which weakens the immune system and distorts the body’s response mechanisms. Cilantro and coriander, by enhancing digestion, work to alleviate the root cause of allergen reactions.
  • It is also believed that coriander helps in reducing cholesterol blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces blood pressure levels .
  • Helps treat skin disorder with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also helps in reducing skin dryness .
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