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Weight loss efforts going in vain?

 Trying to reduce weight and still wondering despite all your efforts , why have you not been able to do it? Know Why ..? 

As many say that weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise but it also involves a disciplined lifestyle which includes eating meals at right time , in right quantity , getting up on time and going to bed on time , having control on the food choices that you make .

There have been many diet charts floating across the internet, here @ wisdomglee , we bring to you the crux of all diets , which is basically the soul that all the diets  hold.

So , here goes the list ..

  1. Get up from bed latest by 7
  2. Take a glass of luke warm water + lemon + 1 tablespoon honey . Try taking it for 3-4 days , if you find any side effect , then avoid taking honey , just take a glass of plain lukewarm water.

  1. Before going out for some kind of workout , grab a fruit like banana or apple or any fruit of your choice . you can also take some dry fruits along with it .
  2. Do some kind of workout for atleast 30 minutes . If you want to reduce weight , try extending it to an hour .Do cardio 3-4 days a week and on other days you can go for some strength training.
  3. At around 9 , take your breakfast , which can include poha, upma , oats , muesli , idli , dosa , sandwich , boiled eggs + milk , dalia, a bowl of fruits .



Quick Tip : Try taking meals every 2-3 hours , don’t depend on only breakfast , lunch and dinner and don’t make your these meals too heavy . Divide your meal into multiple short meals.

  1. At around 11 , take 1-2 fruits .
  2. At around 12:30 take a glass of buttermilk , so that your stomach is not that empty for lunch then at around 1 -2 , take your lunch. If you don’t want to take buttermilk separately , take it along with your lunch.
  3. Lunch can include anything from chapatti +a bowl of veg + a bow of dal + brown rice + salad + curd if you want.
  4. From 4 -5 take a mini meal which can include nuts including some walnuts + peanuts .

12. Try taking your dinner between 6-7 . Dinner can include chapatti + a bowl of veg + dal .

13. Try to sleep by

14. Repeat this cycle everyday.

  Quick Tip : If you feel hungry after the dinner or even if you don’t feel , it is a good idea to take a glass of milk before you sleep as it soothes your body and gives you a sound sleep.  

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