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Wake up Early Hack

Waking up early is always been a dream for most of the people. Even though we decide to wake up early and we become successful for one day,the next day we are again back to reality.We don’t know when 5 min sleeps turns into hours.We hate to wake up late but no matter what we decide it will never be fulfilled until we take actions.We often hear that successful people wake up early.

Wake up times of some famous&productive people: 
– Robert Iger (CEO Disney) – 4:30 AM
– Tim Cook (CEO Apple) – 4:30 AM
– Howard Schultz (CEO Starbucks) – 5 AM
– Andrea Jung (CEO AVON) – 4:00 AM
– Richard Branson (CEO Virgin) – 5:45 AM

We all know the benefits of waking early but we fail all the time.From the very start of the day we fail,so how come we expect that we will be successful.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you”

Some tricks to wake up early,

1. You have to be excited about something to do in the morning.

2.Be exhausted at night to get a reasonable bed time.

3.Turn off ALL lights before you sleep

4.Do Your Top Priority Stuffs In The Morning

5.Understand what’s causing you to wake up late

6. Get up one min earlier each day.

7.Maintain disciple and you have to be determined to make changes.

8. Keep alarm clock away.

9.Drink lots of water so you have to go to loo, which in result makes you awake.

10.Use peer pressure to wake up.

11.Eat your favorite dish for breakfast in morning.

12.Get to bed Early and take 6:30-8 hours sleep daily.

13.Create A Bed You Won’t Want To Get Back Into

14.Get out of the bed once you hear the alarm.

15.Maintain a positive attitude and stop procrastination.

“Its never too late to make changes in life”

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