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Unable to sleep? The best ways to trick Sleep

Many of us experience trouble sleeping at one time or another. Usually it’s due to stress, travel, illness, or other temporary interruptions to your normal routine. But if sleep problems are a regular occurrence and interfere with your daily life, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder.

What is a sleep disorder or sleep problem?

A sleep disorder is a condition that frequently impacts your ability to get enough quality sleep. While it’s normal to occasionally experience difficulties sleeping, it’s not normal to regularly have problems getting to sleep at night, to wake up feeling exhausted, or to feel sleepy during the day.

Frequently having trouble sleeping can be a frustrating and debilitating experience. You sleep badly at night which leaves you feeling dead-tired in the morning and whatever energy you have quickly drains away throughout the day. But then, no matter how exhausted you feel at night, you still have trouble sleeping.

Ignoring sleep problems and disorders can damage your physical health and lead to weight gain, accidents, impaired job performance, memory problems, and put a strain on your relationships. If you want to feel your best, stay healthy, and perform up to your potential, quality sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.Below are some Symptoms of Sleep Disorder

Do you…

  1. feel irritable or sleepy during the day?
  2. have difficulty staying awake when sitting still, watching television or reading?
  3. fall asleep or feel very tired while driving?
  4. have difficulty concentrating?
  5. often get told by others that you look tired?
  6. react slowly?
  7. have trouble controlling your emotions?
  8. feel like you have to take a nap almost every day?
  9. require caffeinated beverages to keep yourself going?

Ways To Fall Asleep Faster Even If You’re Not Tired


Bring On The Black

Darkness sends all sorts of signals to our brain that it’s time to wind down. On the flip side, bright lights keep our brain switched on in wake mode.Consider buying a good quality eye mask. They are light, portable and will help you to melt into that soft, inky darkness where beautiful sleep is found!

Make sure your room is comfortable

Your room needs to be a perfect comfortable palace bedroom. Okay not quite, but make sure that things that are obviously going to stop you getting good sleep are removed from the room.

Exercise daily, but not within four hours of your bedtime.

Exercising is essential to a health lifestyle, but if you’re someone who struggles with a regular sleep habit exercising close to your bedtime could have a negative effect.

Don’t overthink things too much

Try not to stress out about anything at night. No matter what happens, you’re alive and you should be thankful of that. Drift into the world of dreams and deal with other things tomorrow.

Take a warm shower before bed

Warming your body up with a hot shower an hour before bed and then stepping into cooler air will cause your body temperature to drop more precipitously. “Showers can also be very relaxing, so that helps, too,”

Wear socks to bed

 A warm socks at their feet, will widen the blood vessels on the surface of the skin, thereby increasing heat loss. Shifting blood flow from your core to your extremities cools down your body, working in concert with melatonin.

Listen to music

Classical music, or any music that has a slow rhythm of 60 to 80 beats per minute, can help lull you to sleep. In a 2008 study, students aged 19 to 28 who listened to relaxing classical music for 45 minutes before bed showed significant improvement in sleep quality. Bonus: They also reported decreased symptoms of depression.

Stay away from bright lights as bedtime approaches.

Translation: Stop looking at your phone! Power down as you get ready for bed.

Don’t use electronic devices in bed.

It will send your brain the wrong signals.

Dip your face in freezing water

Submerging your face in cold water triggers an involuntary response called the ‘mammalian dive reflex’ which will help you control your nerves and it relaxes you. It sort of resets your nervous system. Do this just before going to bed, and you’ll notice that your entire system just feels more relaxed!

Follow a Discipline

Go to bed same time everyday and wake up same time everyday.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco in the evening.

All three types of beverages can interrupt your sleeping habits.

Avoid napping during the day if you’re having trouble getting to sleep at night.

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