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Must do things when trying to lose weight

  1. Don’t skip meals.
  2. Eat more frequently.
  3. Stock healthy foods in your kitchen and refrigerator.
  4. Include all food groups in your diet plan.
  5. Choose smaller plates and bowls to help you in eating less
  6. Avoid added sugar as well as salt.
  7. Add fruits and vegetables to your dishes whenever possible.
  8. A big No No to ready to eat foods and frozen food
  9. Take lots of salad .
  10. Go for home-made foods.
  11. Take green tea atleast twice day but not as first thing in the morning.
  12.  Start taking a tablespoon of glee . Yes, you read it right . As per ayurveda and famous celebrity dietician ” Rujuta Diwekar”(who introduced zero figure , yeah you guessed it right she was Kareena’s dietician, she is also the author of “Dont lose your mind lose your weight”) , ghee is must if you want to burn your stubborn fat . so you can now have your favorite ghee topped on chapatti / dal or anything you love it with .
  13. Reduce the intake of sugar , try replacing sugar with jaggery . Initially you might not like the taste but eventually you will start liking it .You can start with replacing sugar in your tea with jaggery and try getting used to it.
  14. Drink lots of water . Atleast 8-10 glasses of water a day .Drink water in daytime and avoid taking too much water at night.
  15. Start munching on nuts in snacks
  16. Replace refined oil with ghee , incase you have to deep fry something or when eating parathas.
  17. Try taking a glass of buttermilk half an hour before lunch so that you don’t eat too much.
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