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Healthy Indian breakfasts

Why go for boring or repetitive breakfast choices while you are in a process of losing weight ? You can grab on the tastier options , yet remain healthy and full . Check out our list of healthy indian breakfasts :

1. Vegetable upma

To the regular upma , add some grated carrots , chopped beans , green peas or any seasonal vegetable that you love .

2. Poha

3. Besan chilla

In the regular chilla , add little spinach grated carrots and finely chopped beans .

4. Grilled Vegetable sandwich

5. Vegetable Dalia

Additional tip : This can include all seasonal vegetables like peas , carrots , 1 potato , some spinach , capsicum , beans . Try adding little arhar dal / moong dal based on your taste to give it the goodness of pulses. You can also add soya granules / chunks ,whichever you like the most .

6. Oats kheer/ oats with milk porridge, topped with almond + cashew nuts + pistachio + walnuts

7. Boiled egg /omelette with multi-grain bread + a glass of milk

8. Masala Dosa

9. Mixed vegetable uttapam

10. Idli ( Typical south indian idli)

11. Vegetable  Rava idli

Prepare the batter with curd + green peas + carrot + add any other vegetable that you want to add to make it even more healthier . You can also add some chopped cashewnuts.

12. Muesli + milk .

Go for flavours that have berries and nuts in it , to have a healthy mix of all the important nutrients.

13. Fruit bowl + handful of nuts

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