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Diet plan by celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar for the healthy way of living

For many to be on a diet and continue and sustain it is almost next to impossible. For the simple reason being discipline in making your food choices and controlling your cravings . Opting out for food items that don’t go well with our taste buds and which are not indian and are an influence of western world , is a bit difficult if has to be continued for long . So, somewhere in the middle we surrender . How great it would be to have your favorite food while dieting ? Sounds really Exciting , right ?

This is now possible with the dieticians like Rujuta diwekar .For many of you who don’t know her , let me introduce her to you. She is a famous celebrity dietician and nutritionist who was behind kareena kapoor’s size zero figure which was in news for months then .She is the name behind the figures of many others from karishma kapoor to alia bhat. She is a blessing in disguise to many indians who are so fond of their local cuisines that they couldn’t diet before this . With her way of working one does not need to diet anymore , just have to eat like our ancestors did . Be it khichdi and ghee or curd rice or even lemon water with sugar and salt for that matter .

She has broken all the myths and stereotypes about all the dieting food items . She stresses more on  taking food and fruit which are more local to us , which are grown in our locality rather than depending on those which are imported and not indian. She stresses on taking ghee to get rid of stubborn fat . After this statement, some might raise their eyebrows but it does work . Now you dont have to leave your favorite ghee. you dont need to switch to brown rice from white rice anymore .

We have listed down a sample diet chart guided by Rujuta Diwekar , that can be followed easily without much load on your pocket and without killing your taste buds and switching to boring foods like oats, muesli , corn flakes etc.

This meal plan is broken down into 8 small meals .

Meal 1 : Which has to be taken within half an hour after waking up in the morning
Fresh locally available fruits like banana or any seasonal fruit/fruits, dry fruit or plain milk

Meal 2 : 

Breakfast : Local food speciality like paratha (in northern india),poha (western india) , upma -idli- dosa (southern india) , ragi satva

Meal 3:

Curd(dahi) , chaas/ buttermilk ,Lassi,yogurt, coconut water , lemon juice(with sugar , salt , ginger , mint) , kokum sharbat, a bowl of seasonal fruits

Meal 4:

Lunch : roti , sabzi , dal , rice , roti as per season , salad

Roti or chapati can be chosen as per season like for monsoon – Ragi, for summer – jwar, for winter – bajra
wheat / rice flour chapati can be taken in any/all seasons

Meal 5 : 

This meal can be same as meal 3 . One can also take peanuts , chana  or makhana

Meal 6:
Paneer roll by replacing refined flour with wheat flour , mamara, homemade chivda or options similar to meal 2.

Meal 7:

Dinner : similar to lunch options , cuurd rice , khichdi with curd and glee – some pickle may be . Do not forget to use ghee for this meal.

Meal 8 : Late night munching :

If you are awake little late in night , then you might feel midnight hunger. Then you can just have a cup of milk .

Important Tips : 

  • One should not forget to add a tablespoon / teaspoon of ghee in all the major meals. If not this much then atleast a tablespoon a day is really important. This ghee can be used in rotis / rice.
  • Best time to sleep is 3 hours post dinner for a healthy living.

For oils:

one should use coconut oil , mustard oil , groundnut oil or any nut based oil. Avoid using Olive oil or Extra virgin olive oil.

Snacks :

When hungry and do not have much to grab on just have a fresh fruit bowl . If you love fruits you can have fruits any time and everytime as much as you want . Fruits never put on weight and fiber in fruits is really essential for our body.

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