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Beat the Heat

With summer already in and moving crazily towards its peak , time now to look out for options to keep ourselves summer safe and healthy . With all the AC ads flashing all over , lets take a step back from whatever we were doing and be little cautious about the heat wave blowing across .

Some little tips can act like a shield around us in this hot weather.

  1. Keep hydrated

This is the first thing that comes to mind and should obviously be topping the list because otherwise we could be a victim of heat stroke . Heat comes out of the body in the form of sweat travelling from blood to skin. Take as much water as we can, as water is a savior in summer and there is no replacement of it.

  1. Avoid too much caffeine

A cup or max 2 of tea /coffee  is ok if you are well hydrated .  Too much caffeine can cause dehydration in body . So, avoid excess of it instead go for green tea , it is a good replacement candidate.

Avoid alcohol because it contributes in de-hydrating the body. So, booze as less as you can .

  1. Take water/sports drink with electrolyte when doing intense workout

When doing moderate to intense workout , it becomes really important to take hydrating drink before , while, and after the workout.

If the intensity of workout is moderate then water can serve the purpose , but if you are doing intense workout for 45 minutes to 1 hour , prefer to take a sports drink that comes with electrolytes because that immediately restores the essential nutrients lost with sweat.

  1. Wear light colored clothes when going out in sun

Avoid wearing colours that absorb more sunlight , especially avoid colours like black .Make white your best friend for the entire summer . Floral prints go really well in summers on females and looks quite attractive .

  1. Wear cotton clothes

Wear clothes made up of cotton fabric as that keeps your skin healthy and absorbs sweat and does not produce heat. Keeps you dry all the time .A big “No No” to undergarments made up of any other fabric except cotton.

  6.  Take juices / lime water/ lassi /coconut water frequently

After returning from outside in a sunny day, try to hydrate yourself with fresh fruit juices , locally available seasonal juices like sugarcane juice is  best to beat the heat . Take lemon water with sugar and little salt, it acts as best rehydrating agent, “Aam panna” keeps you protected .Lassi / buttermilk /yogurt too are good options and the mother of all – coconut water . Other supplements can be Glucose water(Glucon-D) .

  1. Take a bowl each of fruit and vegetables

Taking fruits and veggies restores water content and other important nutrients naturally. They are very effective in keeping us hydrated and protected.



  1. Cover your hair and face

When moving out do not forget to cover your face and hair with a veil. If possible cover the entire skin that is exposed with a cotton cloth, as exposure to direct extreme sunlight can have real adverse effects .Remember , Protection is the best cure .

  1. Use sunscreen

Apply sunscreen half an hour before moving out in sun . Sunscreens protect outr skin from harmful rays of sun . Try to use sunscreens with atleast SPF30 . Prefferable SPF is 50 although(specially for sensitive skin). If possible try to use medicated sunscreens.

  1. Avoid going out from 11 to 4, unless it is really important

The best way to take care of yourself is by prioritizing your tasks. If it is not really important , then avoid going out when the sun is at its peak. Try shifting your important work before / after the peak time .And even if you need to go, make sure you protect yourself really well before moving out . Protect your eyes with UV-protected sunglasses and face and hair with a veil.


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