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What can you do when you get too much salt in a recipe?

Occasionally you may be faced with the dilemma of too much salt in your curry or soup. Most people usually just prefer to trash the preparation and start over. This can be an expensive proposition as well as a big waste of good food. Why not try and salvage the preparation with a few simple tricks. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Add raw diced Potatoes or Carrot


The potato or Carrot dices will soak the excessive salt from the curry. Let the potatoes or Carrot stay for about 20 minutes  in the curry.

Add Cream/Milk/Curd 

 Add cream/Milk/Curd to your dish to neutralize the effect of salt. It it will make the curry creamier and you won’t feel the taste of excessive salt.

Put Water

If it is a soup or gravy that has too much salt, you can try watering it down by adding water or unsalted stock to it. This may give you a thinner gravy but, it will be edible. Water is one of the most common solutions used for combating excess salt in the food.

Kneaded dough

Cooking the dish with a ball of kneaded dough also helps absorb the excess. This method works best for Thai curries.

 Onion and Tomato Paste

Adding Paste can reduce salt and will add more tangy taste to your dish.

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