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Store green leafy vegetables for a month

When it comes to buying green leafy vegetables, then it haunts us with a feeling that it needs to be cooked first keeping all your plans aside . But now no more . Now you have got hacks to follow your heart and cook them only when you feel like cooking keeping all your plans intact.

  • Herbs   

If you have left over herbs , and want to store them for longer , just chop them and put them in ice tray and add some oil or melted butter , And use these cubes for cooking whenever required .







  • Curry Leaves

To store curry leaves in refrigerator for almost a month , just take out the leaves from the strands , wash them and pat them dry with kitchen towel . After drying them completely , store them in glass container and put a tissue on top so that it absorbs moisture if any .

  • Coriander Leaves

To store coriander leaves , chop down the roots and remove it , wash it thoroughly and pat dry with kitchen towel .Remove all yellow leaves if any . Spread a tissue or kitchen towel in the glass container (or any air tight container ) and put the leaves in it .Spread another tissue on top of it. Alternatively, you can take small portions of coriander leaves and wrap  each portion in tissue and store it in airtight container . This will keep the leaves fresh for 25 days upto a month.


Green Chillies

  • Another hack to store green chillies for long .Wash the fresh green chillies thoroughly under tap water .Pat dry with kitchen towel/ tissue. Once completely dried , pull away the stalks / stems from it . Put aside any bruised chillies for now . When all the stalks have been removed , pick the bruised ones and chop the spoiled part and save the rest. Now , wrap these chillies in paper towel / tissue and put it in zip-lock pouch or in some airtight container.


Spinach / Fenugreek leaves / Mint leaves

  • Remove the leaves from the stem . Take a container filled with water and add a little vinegar to this water . For example, in 1.5 Litres of water add a cup of vinegar. Now add these leaves in this mixture to clean them . Vinegar helps keep the leaves fresh for long . After washing the leaves in this solution , again wash it under fresh running water . Now , strain the water from the leaves using a Colander. Spread the towel and put these strained leaves in the towel and pat them dry . To dry it quickly just spread another towel at top and rub very gently without applying pressure with your hands . Keep rotating leaves for some time and pat it dry.

Now , wrap these leaves in tissue and put it in zip-lock packet . Remove all the air from the zip-lock pack . You can store the zip-lock pack as it is or you can also put it inside an air- tight container .

Spinach , Fenugreek leaves and Mint all can be stored with this same way for almost a month .


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