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Looking dull because of your regular swimming sessions ? Know why

When it is summer , it has to be swimming for fitness and fun. Swimming soothes the chilling summer while giving us a great alternative to typical boring gym workouts. For few of us , it is almost impossible to keep away from the pool .

Pools contain chlorine which acts as disinfectant in water and helps us protect from many bacterial and fungal infections. But this chlorine in itself is very harmful especially for our skin and hair . It causes skin tan, discoloration of coloured hair/blonde hair, skin rashes , dryness of skin and scalp, frizzy hair, split ends and so on.  Precautions are a must before dipping into the pool . So, next time you hit the pool , bear in mind few essential quick tips to shield yourself from all the ill effects that could affect you at some later stage.

  1. Do not forget to apply a waterproof sunscreen

Sunscreens not only protect us from harmful UV rays but also create a protective layer on our skin which shields us from other harmful effects of sun like sun tan. But remember that this sunscreen has to be waterproofs that it doesn’t get washed away in water.

  1. Always wear a swim cap to protect your hair

Wearing a swim cap not only helps secure our hair inside water and restrict them from flowing away but also give a protection to chlorinated water and in turn helps the hair keep its natural moisture .

  1. Wet your hair with water before going into the pool

Dry scalp and hair absorb whatever comes first to it. So, if you dip directly into the chlorinated water , then that gets absorbed completely but if you can play smart and understand this simple funda and wet your hair as a first thing and then jump into the pool then it can prove to be a bliss for your hair and when in the pool , no more chlorinated water will be able to go into your hair and scalp.

  1. Hydrate yourself well, before and after your swim session

In summers , when doing intense workouts , water is really important and you can’t afford to miss out on that. When you swim you lose calories and in doing so you get dehydrated . So , it is important to take water before and after your swimming session , if possible whenever required , try to taking a sip in between , so that you do not lose the water from your body . If you turn out to be dehydrated in your workouts then the chances are that the following day you will feel lethargic and so less in energy .

  1. Moisturize your skin before and after hitting the pool

Keeping your skin hydrated from within will not let the chlorine get absorbed much into your skin. So before applying sunscreen ,just make sure you apply sufficient moisturizer to your entire body and an oil based leave on conditioner to your hair .

  1. Oil your hair

Oiling hair preferably with coconut oil before swimming, so as to protect your hair from chlorine is a good idea as coconut oil is a good moisturizing agent which helps protect hair from drying in the pool. Also, you have a layer of oil so it is almost impossible for water get absorbed in hair .



  1. Take a shower immediately after getting out of the pool

We all know as a norm that pre-shower is important when hitting the pool but did we know ? , So is the post-shower. Try to use a mild body wash for skin and a mild shampoo for hair to remove all the chlorine from your body . Take a good bath of 5-10 minutes . And once you are done restore hydration by applying a moisturizer.






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